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    The global economy in 2015

    Cautiously optimistic: that is how we would describe the mood of business leaders heading into 2015. Our most recent quarterly confidence barometer found business leaders as positive as they have been since 2007.

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    Grant Thornton wins award for best leadership development programme

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8 Mar 2016
Women in business: turning promise into practice
Why are so few business leadership roles held by women? Read our latest International Business Report: Women in business - turning promise into practice. Read more

21 Jul 2015
Oil price drop: windfall or worry?
The slump in oil prices has its winners and losers. Jim Menzies, global leader for the food and beverage sector at Grant Thornton, says the outlook is good for food and beverage companies From the farm or factory to the supermarket shelf, food and beverage producers depend on energy every step of the way. Read more

07 Jul 2015
Europe looks beyond Greece
Before Greece’s 'No' vote on Sunday, business optimism in Europe had surged ahead to its highest level in five years, despite the ongoing uncertainty over the future of Greece and its continued membership of the single currency. Read more

02 Jul 2015
Proposed Amendments to IFRS 15
Our letter is in response to the IASB's Exposure Draft 2015/2 'Effective Date of IFRS 15 – Proposed amendments to IFRS 15' The IASB proposes to defer the effective date of IFRS 15 by one year so that entities will be required to apply the Standard to annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2018. Overall, we agree with the proposed amendment. Read more

18 Jun 2015
Automation: the pros & cons
Rising labour costs and the quest for productivity are driving businesses to automate. Finding new roles for redundant workers will be the next challenge. North America and Europe have long known what it’s like to lose jobs to low-cost labour markets around the world. Read more

02 Jun 2015
Outsourcing: Beyond technical expertise
Francois Pons says outsourcers need to become true business partners. Companies outsource back-office business processes mainly to boost efficiency and reduce costs. Read more

23 Mar 2015
A global guide to business relocation
Are you considering relocating part or all of your operations to new territories? There are a number of cost and commercial reasons why a group may consider relocating, but it is also important to understand the consequences. Read more

11 Mar 2015
Diversity in business: why do we care?
For over a decade Grant Thornton has published the proportion of business leadership roles held by women. Every year the result disappoints. So, why do we do it? Why do we, as advisors to dynamic businesses, care? Read more

05 Mar 2015
Women in business: the path to leadership
These are the key questions considered by our 2015 women in business report which looks at the barriers and enabler along the path to business leadership. Read more

02 Mar 2015
Hotels 2020: Welcoming tomorrow's guests
he hotel industry is going through a period of unprecedented, irreversible change and will look very different in 2020 than it does today. We shed light on some of the biggest questions facing the sector – how will hotels attract the business and leisure guests of tomorrow? Read more

26 Feb 2015
Perseverance and patience
Food & Beverage (F&B) executives globally are ready to expand via exports. This is especially clear here in Europe, where in 2013 the EU28 became the world’s top exporter of agricultural and food products, outperforming the United States, Brazil, China and others. Read more

24 Feb 2015
Where’s hot and where’s not for ICT infrastructure?
Fifteen years into this century, in a world grappling with mobile and wearable tech, and a vast online economy, I’d argue the answer to that question is that it’s never been more vital than it is today. Read more

12 Feb 2015
Price of oil doesn't change its impact on planet
I don't need to tell anyone reading this article that the price of oil has dropped by around 60% over the past six months. Read more

11 Feb 2015
A year of risk and reward
The global economy has entered another period of uncertainty, with the Greek elections threatening to reignite the eurozone crisis and the dramatic fall in the oil price spooking markets. Read more

06 Feb 2015
The global economy in 2015
2014 was the year in which the global economic recovery took hold according to our International Business Report, not just in in the UK and US, but in some of the European economies hit hardest by the sovereign debt crisis: Ireland, Spain and even Greece showed nascent signs of recovery. Read more

05 Jan 2015
Global uncertainty weighs on resurgent business confidence
New research from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) reveals that while business confidence in 2014 climbed to levels not seen since before the financial crisis, a recent spate of uncertainty is weighing on growth prospects for the year ahead. Read more

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